Therapy is the process of drawing on clinical skills to support people to resolve presenting psychological, social and environmental problems, and improve their quality of life. Our clients are supported to develop skill replacement drawing from therapeutic models and evidence-based practice.


We are passionate about working with families in a holistic manner and from our experience, teenagers engagement with support services can sometimes decrease so supporting parents in this lifespan stage is extremely important.  Seeking therapy will support your understanding of what drives your child's emotions and together we will explore those emotions and develop tools and strategies which will improve family wellbeing, psychosocial outcomes for your child and support positive family relationships. 




We offer a specifically developed support service that will empower mums by providing a set of tools, a support network, and all the knowledge you need to tackle the most challenging times with your teens. What’s more, the small group settings offers a community of likeminded women facing similar challenges, so we can share our stories, workshop tools and strategies and build stronger relationships with our teens, together. 


What you’ll receive:

  • Access to our small support group of five (maximum).

  • 1x one-on-one session so I can really get to know you and understand what is going on for your family.

  • One group call per week.   

  • Short, top tips videos on-hand for viewing in your own time.

  • Around the clock email support (12-hour response time).

  • Access to our private Facebook support community, directly monitored and supported by me. 

  • Five-week commitment.






We provide a range of  consultancy services including professional supervision for individuals and teams and a wide range of services to organisations including program development, training facilitation and delivery.  We are experienced in delivering Professional Practice Supervision for professionals practicing within the field of Human Services; working together to further advance your knowledge and skills within your specialist role. 

Behaviour Support and Therapy

Small Group Program
Consulting and Professional Social Work Supervision
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Haley Booth testimonials


Haley is like no other when it comes to providing emotional support and understanding when dealing with teenage turbulence.  Her genuine personality makes way for an instant warm connection and there are no boundaries when sharing your feelings.  Haley offers sound, useful and practical strategies on how to uphold boundaries, communicate and manage teenage behaviours.  Her support and guidance provided invaluable insight to the thinking of a teenager and was an amazing source of information, empowering me to restore and strengthen my relationship with my son in a short space of time.  Anyone lucky enough to meet with Haley will know they are in the safest of hands when dealing with teenage challenges and restoring your confidence as a parent/carer