Hi, my name is Haley

I’m a qualified Social Worker, wife to Tim, mum of three boys and a country girl from regional NSW. In my 13-year career working directly with teens, I’ve met hundreds of mums countrywide who have one major thing in common. 


They’re struggling to manage their teenagers and, when seeking help, their support network is extremely limited. 


I have personally been impacted by family members who have struggled with low self-esteem, behavioural issues at school and misunderstood diagnosis.  I've seen people I love struggle with not having the support they need. I believe families deserve access to the kind of tools that will enable them to better support their children, nurture them and help them grow.


That’s why I do what I do – and that’s why I’ve designed this service to support families. I want to provide real-world, practical support so people are well-armed to build strong family relationships, directly supporting adolescents and allowing parents to feel heard, understood and a sense of relief. With the right tools in place, a clear path outlined and plans at your fingertips for potential future scenarios, families can feel confident to manage the ongoing challenges that often arise in teen years.

My career so far…


For the past 13 years I've been proud to work in both the Government and NGO sectors.  Prior to taking the leap into Private Practice I was the Wellbeing Manager at BackTrack Youth Works – an organisation that helps young people.  My role there saw me develop, implement, monitor and review individual care plans, while also managing and maintaining holistic physical and emotional wellbeing. 


I also regularly collaborated with families, parents and carers to support each young person’s individual personal development and enable them to take greater responsibility in their own lives. At times, this included crisis intervention and a high level of individual advocacy. 


Prior to BackTrack, I worked as a Social Worker at the Department of Human Services – Centrelink for six years. Here I provided support and counselling to young, vulnerable people, clients at risk of harm and those experiencing family and domestic violence. 


If you’d like to read more about my work background, you can find my full career history on LinkedIn.

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Our mission is to support families to build strong family relationships.  Working directly with parents and young people to work through difficult family situations and to support parents to connect with their children meaningfully.  We wants all families to have the opportunity to learn skills and strategies which will empower them to build healthy relationships and for parents to feel confident and supported.

Our core values are:
- Practice with integrity
- Recognise the dignity and worth of every individual and their personal strengths
- Prioritise empowerment and skill building
- Respect the self determination and autonomy of each individual
- Ensure practice is trauma-informed; respecting the impact that trauma can have on an individual.


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